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The calm before the next storm

In the wake of the recent “nollning” lots of ONES, and others, will probably be feeling an empty hole inside, which needs to be immediately filled with fun. Maybe you’re looking for something rad to be part of. Perhaps this something is within our guild?? How fortunate Autumn meetings exist. Are you clueless about the guild and where you want to contribute? FEAR NOT!!!, on Monday there´s this guild-pressentation thing.

//Simon Probert, “stand-in-InfO-chef”


  • Guild-presentation
  • Engineers Without Borders
  • Autumn meeting
  • “MyskWäll”

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Guild presentation

Are you clueless about the guild? If so, you should make sure to be by KC:A on Monday at lunch (19/9) and listen to the guild presentation. After which you will be able to mingle with the different committees and ask questions. There will be fika.

Even if you already know everything about the guild you probably know someone who doesn’t. Do you want to have lunch alone? See you at KC:A.

//The Board

Information meeting with Engineers Without Borders

Do you want to be active in Engineers Without Borders? Or are you just curious about us and what we do? You are welcome to an information meeting on Tuesday where we will tell you a little bit about the organisation, and then you will have time to ask all the questions you want. There will be fika!

Date: Tuesday 20/9, 5 PM
Place: The room “Perstorp” in Kårhuset

Please attend the Facebook event so we know how much fika to bring!

//Engineers Without Borders in Lund

Datum för Höstterminsmöten

The W-guild has learned something from other guilds as well as from experience. This year’s Autumn meeting will start at 17:00 on Tuesday the 8th November. If, as the meeting progresses, it becomes apparent that there are a lot more discussions to be had, but the individuals present are not in an adequately present state to have them. Then the meeting will be adjourned to 17:00, the following Thursday, the 10th of November.

So: reserve the evenings on the 8th and 10th of November, from 17:00, and start to think about which position you’d like to candidate to, or if there is anything else you want to bring up.

//The Board


On Wednesday evening (19:00) all ones (and all >1:s, more => merrier) are very welcome to “myskwäll”, a cosy event in the guild’s hangout room, “Wåtmarken” (Wetland). Ask someone how to get there.



Do you have any important information from a committee, a project group or just something in general which you think all W-students should know about? To make sure it is included in this letter, send your text, along with a Swedish translation if possible, to eko13spr@student.lu.se before 15:00 on Sunday.

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