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Over half way through the course

We now cross the half way point of the course period. The point of no return or the September equinox, which appropriately enough roughly coincides with this half-milepost. In practice this means that subsequent days will be more dark than bright and that we have learnt half of what we are expected to know.
This week also marks the start of the Walberednings work to prepare nominees for positions for the Autumn-meeting (see last Weekly letter). To enable this Your nominations are required.

Spindelfisch, stand-in-Babelfish


  • Lunchlecture about gender
  • Paintball Battle!
  • “Walfläsk”

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Lunchlecture about gender (with free food)

On Thursday Tomas Brage, director of studies in physics at the faculty of natural science, will talk about gender within the natural sciences. The first 40 attendees will receive spectacularly tasting lunch sandwiches from JämU.


Paintball Battle!

During Monday and Tuesday at lunch time the tickets for Paintball Battle! will be sold. The event takes place on the 8th of October and will be an epic paintball tournament in which alla of LTH’s guilds will be represented. The event will end just in time for Oktoberfest, the same evening. There is only a small number of tickets available. For more information: check out the FB-event.



The time for nominating people for the guild’s numerous positions has come. Or why not take part yourself??. The nominating-form will be open from the 26th of September until the 2nd of October. For more information about each post, feel free to ask at eko13spr@student.lu.se.

On Friday there will be a “Walfläsk” where it will be possible to nominate-away. As a reward you will be eligible for a piece of cake! Do not miss out!




Do you have any important information from a committee, a project group or just something in general which you think all W-students should know about? To make sure it is included in this letter, send your text, along with a Swedish translation if possible, to eko13spr@student.lu.se before 15:00 on Sunday.

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