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“When the Introduction is over…”
This website no longer has an Introduction menu. Nor will there be any more Introducton events in the kalendar. For we are once again standing with our two feet firmly on the ground, over the stil warm remains of the blaizing Introduction. But already, the pioneering species SåS is emerging from underneath the ashes, growing into the vacuum of the Introduction, and feeling the warm rays of the limelight upon itself.


     · The SåS begins now!
· Oktoberfest!

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The SåS begins now!

Do you have the urge to sing in a choir, act in a play, “spexa”, sew, build, create, paint, dance, or play in a band? Then SåS (Sångarstriden) is definitely something for you. Roughly translated as the “Song Battle”. It is a musical competition featuring every guild at LTH, including a choir part, and a musical part. The first meeting is on Thursday the 6th of October at 17:15 (location is yet to be disclosed). At this meeting you will receive more information.

Hope to see you there!


On Saturday the 8th of October there will be an traditional Oktoberfest at Lophtet with live music, sausage and beer. Tickets will be sold by W-sex during Monday and Tuesday lunch. They cost 100 kr and covers entrence, foodticket and a beer. For more detailed information, check out the fb-event.




Do you have any important information from a committee, a project group or just something in general which you think all W-students should know about? To make sure it is included in this letter, send your text, along with a Swedish translation if possible, to before 15:00 on Sunday.
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